Our Flavors

Customize your own chocolate chunk cookie sandwich with any flavor of ice cream, or pack it into a waffle cone and load it with toppings! Flavor availability on the truck is subject to change at each event. For private events or if you would like to request specific flavors not listed here, please email bluechipcreameryct@gmail.com  

"The bruin"

Classic chocolate ice cream between two giant chocolate chunk cookies

"The Husky"

Old fashioned vanilla ice cream between two chocolate chunk cookies - always a classic

"Mickey’s Choice"

Pistachio ice cream layered between chocolate chunk cookies

"The Yard Goat"

Mint chocolate chip ice cream makes the coolest ice cream sandwich

"The Purple Cow"

Maine-made black raspberry ice cream perfectly placed between chocolate chip cookies

"The mookie"

Chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream pairs perfectly with chocolate chunk cookies

“The Cookie Monstah”

A cookie lovers dream! Premium ice cream loaded with bits of cookie dough and packed between two chocolate chunk cookies

“Beantown Orginal”

The perfect pick-me-up! Coffee ice cream and two chocolate chunk cookies