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Matt and Cristina first met in the Spring of 2015 - with their own busy schedules and a new long distance relationship, they made sure that every minute they spent together was simply sweet! Their weekends together always included ice cream. From the Northshore of Massachusetts to Cape Cod to Litchfield Hills they took it upon themselves to find and try the very best ice cream that New England had to offer.

Fast forward to 2017 - wedding planning - Cristina and Matt wanted something more than just the traditional wedding cake for dessert. And just like that their wheels began to turn - Matt rolled home one day in the traditional ice cream truck. But Matt and Cristina wanted something different, something more creative, something that would make people say

“Wow! That’s really, really, cool!”

So they put their heads together and said no to the prepackaged ice cream pops. They thought back to their weekend dates and thought what a fantastic idea it would be if they could take their favorite ice cream, make it just a little bit cooler, and bring it to people. Thus, Blue Chip Creamery was born and since then the truck has celebrated birthdays and anniversaries, honored graduates and retirees, appreciated employees and made corporate teams stronger, and delighted wedding guests with the very best locally sourced ice cream, and custom chillwiches just the way the world intended it to be -

pure and sweet!



Meet our truck. Born in 1976, this rolling scoop shop has been completely renovated and has been voted the best ice cream truck Connecticut has to offer. Check us out at your local parks, food truck spots and town events!


We are proud to introduce our new party/wedding trailer. It really "goes the distance" to accommodate events outside our main service area. Our party trailer is quite literally a farm fresh ice cream shack on wheels. Featuring outer RGB LED lighting, your night time party or wedding will come to life with any color lighting of your choice.



For all events big and small, the newest member to our fleet has no boundaries! Delivering treats all over CT and other parts of New England, our catering service is sure to WOW your employees, guests and friends!


Welcome the newest addition to the Blue Chip Fleet. This truck was came to life in 2022 and ready to PAR-TAY!🥳 

This brand new custom-built beauty travels to parties, weddings and events all over New England, scooping up all your favorite flavors and new editions of our handcrafted chillwiches are always on board. 

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