life is too short to be vanilla

Welcome To Blue Chip Creamery

Our mission at Blue Chip Creamery is to give our customers the highest quality, “Blue Chip” Ice Cream creations. After searching long and hard and finding the best REAL Ice Cream that New England had to offer, we knew what we had to do… around and make people happy! Our premium menu of hand crafted treats will change the way you think about ice cream trucks forever. We promise to always bring you the most decadent ingredients topped with a whole lotta love and laughter.


Our Truck

Our truck is based in Glastonbury, Connecticut, but be sure to look for us at all of New England’s Summer & Fall events! Stop by and grab a cold, creamy hand made cookie sandwich or just say hi!


About Us

When we first met in 2015, our favorite date was to bring each other to our favorite ice cream spots.  From the beaches of Massachusetts to the hills of Northwestern Connecticut, we covered all the great spots. Now, a little over 3 years later we can share our love of ice cream with fellow dessert lovers all over New England. #EatDessertFirst


The possibilities are endless

Ice Cream. Cookies. waffle cones.


Blue Chip Creamery At Your Private Event

Let Blue Chip Creamery delight your guests at your Birthday Party, Graduation Party, wedding, jack and jill, corporate event, or any other private event.


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